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Ten things to do when you have no money. I’m not talking about no money like going out for pizza instead of a restaurant. I’m talking about NO MONEY like I got enough cans to buy a loaf of bread and some ramen noodles money. Perhaps I’m exaggerating my situation but I am living frugally – and I like it.  This is my reality by choice.

I go without restaurant eating, binge purchases, extra TV stations…  Hell, I don’t even have a working cellphone!

But before you go thinking I’m eating canned dog food and my roof and walls are made of cardboard, I did mention my frugal living is choice, right?  It is – sort of.  I mean, we’ll get into trying to save later.  So let’s talk about things we can do when we really have NO MONEY but don’t want to curl into our dark place and cry about it.

Here are the Top 10 things:

  1. Go walking (and bring a bag in case you find some 5 cent cans). You’re getting your exercise, maybe making a little money & your cleaning up the neighborhood.
  2. Start crafting. Busy hands keep you out of trouble. You don’t have to knit or sew. Go out and find some nice pieces of wood and build custom frames, take your camera out and take nature shots and build a zazzle store.
  3. Gardening. Go out and dig in the dirt. First – it’s good for you; second – you are creating a means to a way; third – fresh veggies that you didn’t pay for
  4. Volunteer. Go to a shelter or local Bingo event and volunteer your time.
  5. Go junking. I cannot tell you how many places I’ve driven by and saw perfectly good items that I’ve snatched up and either used, repurposed or sold (on eBay or yard sales)
  6. Go to the park or beach. You may not have much but nature is free. My favorite pastime is people watching. I also like to birdwatch and just observe nature.
  7. Go to the library. There is nothing like getting some reading done or learning something new. Generally it doesn’t cost anything though I’ve been to a few places where you had to buy a library card.
  8. Go to the mall. You don’t have to buy anything but window shopping and observing people is fun. If you go really early you can hang out with the mall walkers.
  9. Work around the house. Clean, redecorate, repurpose, rearrange.
  10. And finally… #10. Write!  Network, post, comment and interact with an online community that suits you.

My point of this post is this. There are always things to do even if you have a budget of $0. The most important thing is to keep a positive outlook, keep busy and stop feeling sorry for yourself!

If you sit – you stop.

Get up and create momentum.  Accomplish much…and maybe along the way find a niche that you love that brings some reward.

published April 28, 2014


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