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I kill cactus. Yes, it’s true.
Not proud of it – It makes me blue
I cannot keep a plant alive
I bring them home – they take a dive!

With water, love & music too
I even killed my shoot o’ bamboo
I do not know why I am cursed
With furrowed brow and lips tight pursed

I try and try and try again
It is no use – I know. But then
I bought a ‘mater plant you see
And that had also died on me

So off i kicked it to the curb
And it grows wild just like an herb
I give in. I do not care
I’ve plastic plants tacked everywhere

Oh I kill cactus – yes I do
If you knew me you’d know it’s true.
Alas I’ve spent way too much time
So now I close this silly rhyme.

Originally posted February 6, 2014


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I should have said “I love you” more
You were the very first love of my life
When I was helpless you took care of me
You comforted me and raised me up
You dried my tears and cleaned my wounds
You kissed away every boo boo
But as I started growing up
You ceased being my entire world
And were kicked to the side
Replaced by friends, school and boys
I never knew how much that hurt
Not until I had my own children
And experienced the brush off myself
And as I got older I realized
How truly brilliant you were
And though you were never replaced in my heart
I should have said “I LOVE YOU” more.

To my dad – the missing piece in my heart.
Rest in Peace. Oct. 24, 1950 to June 22, 2010

photo courtesy of Meredith Loughran. All rights reserved.
originally posted January 30, 2014

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The girl behind the mask is small and delicate.
Delicately navigating the day to day
Daylight comes and she settles in
Into the dark recesses of her mind.
Mindful that she looks normal
Normal people don’t know
Know what it’s like to feel like an alien.
Alienated by many for her strangeness
Strangely she cares
Careful not to offend anyone
Does anybody care?
Care to help rather than point?
Pointless to explain.
Explaining is exhausting
Exhaustion sends her deeper
Deep into the dark, safe places in her mind.

Do you know someone with Asperger’s? They are beautiful, creative, very smart people. They have quirky habits and don’t always understand things right away, but they feel very deeply and just need someone to reach out to help and guide them. I was that little girl once. I still am, but with the help of great friends I’ve got the world fooled. They think I’m normal and I am so glad I’m not.

photo: jjroyce @glogster.com

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