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I kill cactus. Yes, it’s true.
Not proud of it – It makes me blue
I cannot keep a plant alive
I bring them home – they take a dive!

With water, love & music too
I even killed my shoot o’ bamboo
I do not know why I am cursed
With furrowed brow and lips tight pursed

I try and try and try again
It is no use – I know. But then
I bought a ‘mater plant you see
And that had also died on me

So off i kicked it to the curb
And it grows wild just like an herb
I give in. I do not care
I’ve plastic plants tacked everywhere

Oh I kill cactus – yes I do
If you knew me you’d know it’s true.
Alas I’ve spent way too much time
So now I close this silly rhyme.

Originally posted February 6, 2014


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