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Fight for your life before you hit the grave.

For whatever reason I did a google search on women and heart attacks. Considering that I’m in my 40s I have to bear in mind that my stuff is starting on the voyage to rot so…

Did you know that women do not feel heart attacks like a typical male heart attack? Most of the time it is not the “classic” left arm and debilitating chest pain. For women it tends to be more tricky — sneaky even! Most women do not even realize they might be having a heart attack!

So here are five signs to be aware of:

  1. Chest pain. A survey of women who have had this symptom will say it is “uncomfortable” but being that some of us have said that in describing childbirth then you can debate that our tolerance for pain and discomfort is rather high. GET IT CHECKED OUT.
  2. Pain in the neck…or back – or arms – or jaw – or stomach. These pains may come and go like ocean waves: they could be gradual or sudden with moderate to severe pain. If you are feeling inexplicable pain or pressure in your stomach – you might be having a heart attack. Basically it comes down to this – if you are feeling pain in these areas where you don’t normally feel pain – GET IT CHECKED OUT.
  3. Trouble breathing. If you find that you are having trouble breathing for no apparent reason; shortness of breath or feeling lightheaded with no reason. If you are just sitting there and suddenly can’t breathe – GET IT CHECKED OUT.
  4. Cold Sweats. As you get older you may experience hot flashes and breaking into a sweat, which is why this symptom is often overlooked. Breaking into a cold sweat for no apparent reason, especially if you don’t normally sweat needs to be… CHECKED OUT.
  5. Fatigue. If doing simple chores or walking short distances makes you extremely tired or deflated then you need to GET IT CHECKED OUT. Personally, I suffer from depression so I get feeling tired – but this is different. Heart attack fatigue is being tired and knowing you’re not depressed.

Any one or combination of these symptoms could be fair warning that you or your loved one is having a heart attack.

Please do not ignore the signs.

Fight off the Grim Reaper with knowledge! It might save your life!

information cited from WebMD; heart.org; mayoclinic.org


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